• Welcome to Cartier Financial, LLC.

    At Cartier Financial, we strive to provide exceptional service and trusted advice. We believe everyone should have access to investment guidance and financial planning to help them reach their goals. We believe getting to know each other is the first step in building a long term relationship. It is important for us to get to know our clients to help them navigate the complex world of investments, insurance, estate planning and taxes. We create portfolios taking each client’s individual situation into account, keeping tax consequences in mind. In addition, we like to talk to our clients about the potential risks that we all face, and how these risks could derail their plans and keep them from achieving their goals.

    Our investment philosophy is to buy quality investments with a long term view, helping our clients focus on their goals rather than the day to day fluctuations of markets. We believe patience is of the utmost importance, taking a diversified long term approach, rather than trying to time the market and taking a speculative, short term approach. We believe in building strong relationships, rather than simply executing transactions.

    Our ideal client is one who values advice and long term relationships. We want to work with pleasant individuals who value our time and expertise. We don’t believe in account minimums, but feel a shared philosophy of attaining goals and planning is more important than a current account balance. In order to build the most successful relationships, we believe our clients must feel comfortable with us. Communication is key. If you are looking for a long term relationship built on trust and exceptional service, we invite you to call today for an appointment.